Being Brave with my Life

cropped-img_4393.jpgIt seems every 7 years or so I go through a time of turmoil when my soul whispers to me louder than ever, or is it that I am listening harder. It is a confusing time, a time of struggle and a time of self doubt. I have a wonderful job which I love and feel very privileged to be in (an answer to past whispers). I love sewing crafts (no mending), stitching, quilting, making, creating and recently mixed media artworks. I could work in that space for hours and hours and come out the other side feeling satisfied, grateful and my soul fed. For me,  this is important because I know what it feels like to have a fed soul. You are satisfied with your world, you are grateful, you jump out of bed in the morning feeling excited about what they day will bring, you no longer watch mindless television to dull the ache and you love where you are, who you are and feel a great sense of self worth and importance.

Right now my soul is whispering to me ‘time to tell your messy, complicated, beautiful story’. So here I am trusting that whisper, that is so loud, if I don’t listen, it stops me from resting, writing, creating, eating healthy and being joyful.

It is time for me to show up with courage and trust and ‘be brave with my life’.

I have so much stuff to share – my journey into mixed media art – my progress in my wear your joy project – my journey as a writer. I can’t wait.

What are your whispers saying to you? To listen just stop, be quiet, feel your place and space and find that niggle, that tug, that need – what is it saying. Listen to your whispers they are telling you what it is important for you to be you, your authentic truth. I would love to hear about them and you.

Melanie M

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