New Delight, Rainbows and 8

2015-08-07 07.55.02

Just had an amazing weekend away for my big birthday. Number 8 is my lucky number from when I was 8, lived at number 8, child number 8 and bought a number 8 raffle ticket at the church fair and won a doll in a pink crocheted and knitted outfit. Love! So when I got to choose the number of the apartment, it was number 8. The view was soothing, heart warming and soul hugging. Our first morning we were blessed with a rainbow over the ocean. Throughout th2015-08-06 18.48.42-1e weekend we saw a number of rainbows. I had great feelings that this was blessing for my journey.

After such a great weekend and so much to look forward to I feel bluh! It is hard to understand feelings like this after so much joy. Then I connected with some friends who were feeling the same way for reasons unknown. A poem from Rumi was shared, ‘the guest house’. My favourite line was ‘he may be clearing you out for a new delight’. I now accept my bluh as being a process for some new delight. Now that is a great way to accept these uncomfortable feelings, go with it, acknowledge it and know you can do it. I great big hug of gratitude to Rumi and my tribe.

Melanie M


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