Embrace the Mess

P1020068 P1020067 P1020065 P1020064

Learning how to add paint to a canvas has been the most fun.  I even like the muddy look of the top right. Learning how to play with paint and embrace the mess, unattached to what they will become has allowed me to enjoy the process of creating. My first complete piece features in my blog header, I love parts of this piece, including my mantra. ‘Time to tell your messy, complicated, beautiful story’ and ‘trust’. My mantra comes from a place I don’t totally understand but I am leaning into it without over thinking the meaning or where it will lead me.

I made these in Kelly Rae’s Roberts’ ecourse Hello Soul, Hello Mixed Media Mantras. This completely self-paced course has changed my creative life! If you’ve been looking for a vibrant community of like souls, a creative outlet, and a reflective, self-paced meditative practice, this is the course for you.


Melanie M

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