My Place

P1020093So here it is, my favourite place. I enjoy painting, sewing and writing in this space. I feel very lucky to have such a lovely space to create in. The time I get to spend in here is a gift, I cherish every minute.

My desks are two old teachers desks, made from our New Zealand native wood, Kauri or Rimu. I bought them from P1020094a local school about 10 years ago.

The room’s decor is dated back to the late 1970’s. We have owned the house since 1/11/11 and we are slowly refurbishing the entire house and grounds. I will share some pictures of the transformation. We bought the house for one major reason, the amazing views of the beautiful lake and mountains that surround us. The size of the house  is a blessing when we have our families come to stay from afar.


Welcome friends, family, dogs, cats, joy and love.

Melanie M

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