Time to Dream

my art 3My second finished piece has been more fun than my first. I feel more of myself in this piece. I am finding my groove.

July 2015, I started a mixed media art course thinking nothing would come of it, just a bit of fun, I was very drawn to it and have been since I first heard of it a year ago. I was tempted then and even bought some basic supplies. Very close to a special birthday of mine Kelly Rae Roberts was having her own special birthday and put her course on sale. It took me a day, to have the courage to lean into this thing. Very happy I have, a great gift, new journey and possibilities.

When learning from another artist you tend to take on some of  their style, yet it is very important for me to find my own voice in my artwork.  So creating from my whispers and not that of another artist is something I am developing. Thank you Kelly Rae Roberts for bringing me, perhaps, one of my most life changing possibilities. It is hard to explain how art making is becoming a basic need. This course ‘Hello Soul, Hello Mantra’s’ taught more than just mixed media art techniques.

‘Time to Dream, close your eyes, listen for your whispers. They are waiting for you’.

Melanie M

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