2015-09-06 17.45.34Burnout, when everything feels like a chore and you drag yourself around wandering what is the point of this.

While I was reading Brey’s post on Ordinary Adventures on how she is coping with bogging burnout she asked the question “how do you cope?”. I felt the urge to respond to her :

Hi Brey
I have never experienced bloggers burnout, yet, I have had burnout with my work. When this happens I spend less time working and more time on something that makes my heart sing – my art. Actually it is my art that had me start blogging. For you I recommend taking some time out, find a guest blogger to fill in your timeout. Interview a blogger about this or something else and put that up as a post. All these things could give you some time away to rebuild, refuel and help you find your groove again. At times like these – the pit – I know that great things are around the corner. Hold tight and you will find on the other side a blessing you never thought possible.

I thought mine and Brey’s suggestions were worth keeping on my blog, as a reminder of some of the things we all could do to help us get through times when we feel the need to keep up with our blogs or life yet it doesn’t feel right to do so.

I make art or sew to calm my mind and centre me in a place of kindness and caring.

What do you do?

Melanie M

7 thoughts on “Burnout

  1. petitemariona says:

    Sometimes you just need a change of pace. A couple weeks ago I took a whole week off which I spent doing things I never get round with. Once I went back to work it was amazing to see that I had regained my enthusiasm 🙂 sometimes small things do it!

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