Take me to the moon

 How far would you go for someone you love? How far would you want someone else to go for you?

I chose this prompt because of my latest piece of art that I have been creating for someone special. Since my children were small  when we said ‘I love you’ we would respond ‘to the moon and back’. I also gave my daughter a beautiful book where the mum would respond to her daughters ‘I love you’, with ‘Always’.To the Moon altered

I would give up my life for my children and granddaughter, if I had to, without question, unconditional love, always and forever. They are my moon and my earth.

It’s funny really because I wouldn’t want anyone to give up their life for me. Would I expect my mum too, no.

Profound post but the prompt attracted me.

Melanie M

7 thoughts on “Take me to the moon

  1. Dede says:

    I agree 100% with your post. Another blogger sent me a link https://hundredandcounting.wordpress.com/2015/09/19/what-would-you-do/
    It asked what would you do faced with war, starvation and constant danger. Would you send your child with other refugees for a chance of safety and a life outside the horror in which we lived? I was so surprised at how many men felt that mother and child shouldn’t be separated. My response was I would send my child. I would trust the other refugees because they understand the sacrifices being made. I would be heartbroken but motherhood isn’t about my happiness. It is about my child’s safety, welfare and happiness.


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