Cleansing Mind and Body

img_6892Okay I haven’t done much creative stuff for 24 days now. Prior to this I was in a great space, using my  new planner (pictures to come), creating everyday in small ways. Then, then…… I decided to start a 30 day cleanse. Holy smokes that messed with my head big time. I am such a creature of habit that any change blows my mind, leaves me cross,  not sleeping, worried and totally out of whack. I am not afraid of change in fact I embrace it, I just find it tough. Especially when it is to do with my body, which has been through A LOT.

Now I am 6 days from completing my 30 day regime, already I am planning how I can continue with what I have learnt:

  • eating – I need to eat more greens, much less carbohydrates and  a balance of protein, particularly at breakfast to sustain me and keep me from eating mindlessly.
  • balance of nutrition – my main meal needs to have a balance of greens 1/2 a plate, fist size of protein and about the same in carbohydrates.
  • fasting – this is really, really good for you. It makes you feel lighter, changes your relationship with food and research tells us about the amazing effect on your inner health.
  • being hungry – this is a welcome feeling now. It doesn’t build until you can’t handle the feeling, it comes in waves. I like this feeling now, I feel like I am in control when I am hungry.
  • feeling so much better – almost instantly my energy levels were increased, I take less pain killers to get me through each day and I feel really good about myself and my body.
  • having increased  energy – the changes in how I eat have definitely made a tremendous difference to my energy levels. I am really sold on good nutrition and have now had 24 days of practice putting my one meal a day together.
  • planning – you must plan your meals before you go shopping so you have everything on hand to prepare you packed lunch and your main meals. Very important!

It has been a life changing experience but it was tough yet so, so worth it. My biggest achievement will be to maintain and do more about what I put into my body to fuel me.

Here’s to staying with this feel good feeling.

Eating to Live not Living to Eat.

Melanie M



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