The Year, I Made it my Own

2016 is nearly over and I made it. Happy, joyful, changed, purposeful and holding onto my integrity with great care.

As I wrote in my last post, moments do not define me, what defines me is my integrity.

‘This thing that I am doing that is bringing me into my own.

Living in a way that is being true to me.’


Man I have had a few moments this year and each one has helped me get closer to my integrity more than ever. I feel pretty darn lucky actually and I am oh so grateful for my year. I have had a few challenges and most of these have been with my work. I am a teacher, this does not challenge me, it makes me feel great, it is like going home. What challenges me is difficult, confusing and bloody frustrating. I understand it a bit more this year and maybe next year the challenges will be less. It all falls around my role as management.

My word of the year ‘Integrity’ has definitely helped me get through those moments that rose to challenge me. Being true to myself has helped me burrow through those moments that challenge my essence.

Thank you Integrity.

Thank you 2016.

Thank you truth.

Next year my word will be Allow, I am going to Allow myself to do those thing that bring me closer to my truth. Creativity is my thing, it makes my heart sing and colours my world with much joy. This is why I love my work as a teacher, I love the creativity. I discovered this treasure, when after 3 years of not having my own classroom, I am finally starting the year with my own class of Year 2’s and I feel so excited by it. That change has helped me better understand my role as a leader in education. I started my current job three years ago and the thing that got me the job, a leading teacher, I haven’t been doing in my own classroom. I missed it so much and I didn’t realise how much until I decided to return to my own classroom again.

This year I will:

Allow myself to make art

Allow myself to develop my creativity in my teaching work

Allow myself to plan daily

Allow myself to doodle in my art books

Allow myself to print my art and give it to the people I love.

Allow myself to print my art and sell it in my shop.

Allow myself to develop my lettering

Hello Allow

Hello Creativity

Hello Teacher

Hello New Classroom

Hello Art Shop

Goodbye 2016 and Welcome to you 2017

Top Tip 4: Allow yourself to discover a word to live your year by. A word that is close to what you need the most. Plan, reflect and set goals by it throughout the year.

My Space

This is my space to create.

2015-09-07 18.04.11I would like to say this is where I write except it isn’t. When I write I laze in my chair with my laptop perched on my lap. If I could paint and glue in my comfy chair I would.

Confession time! I did try once, to glue and draw from my lap, needless to say my chair and clothes were messy. My journal looked great though.
Anyway, my challenge tonight was to put a poll into my post. I would love to hear from you.

Melanie M
What would you like to hear most about?

My Place

P1020093So here it is, my favourite place. I enjoy painting, sewing and writing in this space. I feel very lucky to have such a lovely space to create in. The time I get to spend in here is a gift, I cherish every minute.

My desks are two old teachers desks, made from our New Zealand native wood, Kauri or Rimu. I bought them from P1020094a local school about 10 years ago.

The room’s decor is dated back to the late 1970’s. We have owned the house since 1/11/11 and we are slowly refurbishing the entire house and grounds. I will share some pictures of the transformation. We bought the house for one major reason, the amazing views of the beautiful lake and mountains that surround us. The size of the house  is a blessing when we have our families come to stay from afar.


Welcome friends, family, dogs, cats, joy and love.

Melanie M