New Delight, Rainbows and 8

2015-08-07 07.55.02

Just had an amazing weekend away for my big birthday. Number 8 is my lucky number from when I was 8, lived at number 8, child number 8 and bought a number 8 raffle ticket at the church fair and won a doll in a pink crocheted and knitted outfit. Love! So when I got to choose the number of the apartment, it was number 8. The view was soothing, heart warming and soul hugging. Our first morning we were blessed with a rainbow over the ocean. Throughout th2015-08-06 18.48.42-1e weekend we saw a number of rainbows. I had great feelings that this was blessing for my journey.

After such a great weekend and so much to look forward to I feel bluh! It is hard to understand feelings like this after so much joy. Then I connected with some friends who were feeling the same way for reasons unknown. A poem from Rumi was shared, ‘the guest house’. My favourite line was ‘he may be clearing you out for a new delight’. I now accept my bluh as being a process for some new delight. Now that is a great way to accept these uncomfortable feelings, go with it, acknowledge it and know you can do it. I great big hug of gratitude to Rumi and my tribe.

Melanie M


Goodbye, Hello and Welcome

Well my friends I would like you to join me in saying goodbye to my 40’s in just a few hours I will officially turn 50. Cant really believe it as I feel 38 and sometimes act 8 (my favourite time).  Heres to the journey that has led me to this place, time and space thank you. Sweet dreams and goodnight my precious 40’s.

Love 49 year old Me xxx