Dirty Little Secret

I changed my blog name  to ‘Finding My Groove’ because my dirty little secret was out. I originally called my blog ‘Having an Affair’ because this making art was my dirty little secret. I didn’t want anyone knowing, I felt like an imposter and didn’t think my art was worthy. Now, all that doesn’t matter, it still niggles me, but my heart is enjoying creating and sharing so much, the niggles are ignored, most of the time.

Plus my tribe are liking it too, so that makes my heart proud. Thank you.

Here is a time lapse of me painting this girls hair (scroll down to see her complete). I have been enjoying watching other time lapse videos so decided to make my own until my battery ran out. I loved watching this and I think you will too.

This peaceful beauty is my angel of trust.


May you embrace the love and heart of your beautiful messy soul and always, always remember to Trust your wings.

Melanie M



What really!

2015-08-30 20.13.51I got hit with a ‘curve ball’ today. It was tough, it rocked me, left me feeling sad, deflated and hurt. My first thought was why did I start pursuing this dream to tell my story and at the same time making mixed media artworks, I am not worthy, it will never become anything and I am totally worthless. These are all the words I was beating myself up with, I would never speak to a friend like this. All because I made a mistake!

In my drive home from work I was trying to bring myself back to reality, I searched my brain for something that I had read in my book ‘Simple Abundance’, to help me to recover from this hurt and my need to feel worthless. (I have written about this book here in another time of need). This book is what it says it is, ‘A Day Book of Comfort and Joy’. I pick it up most days and always read a chapter that I am absolutely ready for. It is much like a soulful kiss on the cheek, that hits you right when you need it, with the exact kiss you need. This time my lesson was to find my blessing in everything – your dirty kitchen floor, your bank balance etc. I thought whatever, there is no blessing in this mess. As I read on, I discovered a little treasure that helped me believe,

‘if you find your blessing in everything then the universe will bless you’.

Wow, that was just what I needed.

I also realised that everything that is happening in this moment, is part of a much bigger picture. Don’t try and understand it, lean into it and find your blessings.

Keep dreaming, find your blessing even on your dark days and dance like you always have.

Make someone happy today, the world needs more happy.

Melanie M

Life’s Canvas

This quote reminded me of a piece I had read in ‘Simple Abundance’.  Each time I read a piece from this book it reminds me of my true bliss and where I will find it, me. I have written about this book here and another post which is still in draft.

‘A Fresh Canvas Every Twenty-Four Hours’

Each day prepare to experience contentment:

Quiet your minds,P1020105
take time to dream,
express yourself,
prepare your treasure map for life,
be aware of whatever brings you joy,

“today don’t rush through your inner preparations as you get ready to set down a piece of your soul on life’s canvas” Sarah Ban Breathnach

So today and everyday take time to find your joy.

Melanie M

My Happy

In my time of stress, mess or confusion I need something to distract me from dwelling on the situation.  Recently, when life was throwing a curveball,  I entered my creative space and immediately felt  a sense of dread as the need to create wasn’t there. Yet I still entered and sat at my workspace. Before I knew it I had paint on my hands and was fixing a broken part of my latest piece. Time slipped by, my sensitive soul had forgiven.

2015-07-29 07.29.45Before I drifted off to sleep for the night I read my book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy
I fortuitously read a chapter on happiness. Within the pages I learnt ‘External forces and things do not bring us happiness it is us that  create our own authentic happiness.’ I realised in that moment that although others can scar our soul it is me and only me who makes me truly, peacefully happy.

Hello me, Hello happiness, Hello soul!

Melanie M