The Year, I Made it my Own

2016 is nearly over and I made it. Happy, joyful, changed, purposeful and holding onto my integrity with great care.

As I wrote in my last post, moments do not define me, what defines me is my integrity.

‘This thing that I am doing that is bringing me into my own.

Living in a way that is being true to me.’


Man I have had a few moments this year and each one has helped me get closer to my integrity more than ever. I feel pretty darn lucky actually and I am oh so grateful for my year. I have had a few challenges and most of these have been with my work. I am a teacher, this does not challenge me, it makes me feel great, it is like going home. What challenges me is difficult, confusing and bloody frustrating. I understand it a bit more this year and maybe next year the challenges will be less. It all falls around my role as management.

My word of the year ‘Integrity’ has definitely helped me get through those moments that rose to challenge me. Being true to myself has helped me burrow through those moments that challenge my essence.

Thank you Integrity.

Thank you 2016.

Thank you truth.

Next year my word will be Allow, I am going to Allow myself to do those thing that bring me closer to my truth. Creativity is my thing, it makes my heart sing and colours my world with much joy. This is why I love my work as a teacher, I love the creativity. I discovered this treasure, when after 3 years of not having my own classroom, I am finally starting the year with my own class of Year 2’s and I feel so excited by it. That change has helped me better understand my role as a leader in education. I started my current job three years ago and the thing that got me the job, a leading teacher, I haven’t been doing in my own classroom. I missed it so much and I didn’t realise how much until I decided to return to my own classroom again.

This year I will:

Allow myself to make art

Allow myself to develop my creativity in my teaching work

Allow myself to plan daily

Allow myself to doodle in my art books

Allow myself to print my art and give it to the people I love.

Allow myself to print my art and sell it in my shop.

Allow myself to develop my lettering

Hello Allow

Hello Creativity

Hello Teacher

Hello New Classroom

Hello Art Shop

Goodbye 2016 and Welcome to you 2017

Top Tip 4: Allow yourself to discover a word to live your year by. A word that is close to what you need the most. Plan, reflect and set goals by it throughout the year.

Hold Your Breath

This journey I took with Kelly Rae Roberts in Spirit Wings was more than about making art. It become a time of self discovery, in my joy, of making art that speaks to you. I made 6 beautiful angels that have such great meaning, joy and love for anyone who sees them. Each angel carries it’s own message of truth, courage, trust, sacred ordinariness, belonging and heart whispers. The journey in creating these angels were more than just paint and paper, the journey was about listening to your heart and finding your truth.  They are about sharing some of life’s lessons that help you grow into the tender, loving deserving soul that you are.

On a practical note, I got excited about making faces. Each time I created the face of my angel my art got a life of its own. The pleasure of seeing her face was truly heartwarming. This pleasure drew me into making more faces so I joined another artist group ‘Let’s face it 2016’ with Kara Bullock.

In this course of ‘Let’s face it 2016’ I have been learning a lot about the technical side to shading and how to draw eyes, noses, lips etc. The ‘hold your breath’ type of art making that can put you off making your art.

What I mean by ‘hold your breath’ is that the hold you have on your art is so tight and rigid it becomes too much about perfection. I prefer perfectly, imperfect pieces of art because that is how I see the world around me.

To get a grip on perfection steals away the magical moments of just being. I like to create as a free playful soul that has no bounds and limitless potential. However, the lessons I am learning, using the ‘hold your breath’ art techniques, only adds to the dimension of my very own art groove.

Finding my groove is why I am here, that is my journey, that is my lesson this is my groove.


Hello groove!

Melanie M

Dirty Little Secret

I changed my blog name  to ‘Finding My Groove’ because my dirty little secret was out. I originally called my blog ‘Having an Affair’ because this making art was my dirty little secret. I didn’t want anyone knowing, I felt like an imposter and didn’t think my art was worthy. Now, all that doesn’t matter, it still niggles me, but my heart is enjoying creating and sharing so much, the niggles are ignored, most of the time.

Plus my tribe are liking it too, so that makes my heart proud. Thank you.

Here is a time lapse of me painting this girls hair (scroll down to see her complete). I have been enjoying watching other time lapse videos so decided to make my own until my battery ran out. I loved watching this and I think you will too.

This peaceful beauty is my angel of trust.


May you embrace the love and heart of your beautiful messy soul and always, always remember to Trust your wings.

Melanie M



Angel 3

This little girl was completed some time ago. She is Angel number 3. Can’t wait to show you them all hanging together in my home.


Her dearest friends are creative spirits with cherishing, happy open hearts just like her.

‘Kindred Spirits, Laugh Together, Create Often and Love, Love, Love’

Melanie M




My Angel of Courage

I have been working on this girl for a few weeks now, not just painting. I have been journaling, reflecting, daring myself and now I am done.

I think she is beautiful and reflects the work of Kelly Rae who I am learning from. I am loving the course and now can’t wait to finish it and find my own style. These Angels I am creating are working their way into my heart. I wasn’t a great lover of Angels but I do love Kelly Rae’s painting style and the story behind her artist journey. That is what drew me to her Spirit Angels course.

Now my Angels are finding a home with me and when I am done I will make a little Angel gallery so I can see them daily.

Her words are ‘may you always follow your dream to be you and know you are enough’.

Hello Angel of Courage

Melanie M


Taking Flight

 Very recently while playing with my paints and paper I had made this creation and was struggling with finishing it because I didn’t have the right mantra for it.

While out walking one night I came across a few feathers laying the grass, I am not normally one for symbolism. So the meaning behind them, in the moment, was just to get a photograph.

That night, as I settled in to work on my art, it came to me ‘Taking Flight with Courage’. It is hard to explain the moments when it all comes together and just makes sense except that they are awesome.

So here it is, not finished, a work in progress yet full of life.

Hello feathers, Hello art, Hello courage.

Melanie M


My secret:

2015-07-08 10.19.51Learning to trust me
Listen to the whispers
Filling my heart with joy and love
Grateful, Humble
Simple Abundance
To trust
I am
My own happy

Trusting my whispers and listening, without the noise of what will others think, has led me towards making art and writing this blog.

Trust is changing my world.

Hello Trust, Hello Art, Hello Blog

Time to Dream

my art 3My second finished piece has been more fun than my first. I feel more of myself in this piece. I am finding my groove.

July 2015, I started a mixed media art course thinking nothing would come of it, just a bit of fun, I was very drawn to it and have been since I first heard of it a year ago. I was tempted then and even bought some basic supplies. Very close to a special birthday of mine Kelly Rae Roberts was having her own special birthday and put her course on sale. It took me a day, to have the courage to lean into this thing. Very happy I have, a great gift, new journey and possibilities.

When learning from another artist you tend to take on some of  their style, yet it is very important for me to find my own voice in my artwork.  So creating from my whispers and not that of another artist is something I am developing. Thank you Kelly Rae Roberts for bringing me, perhaps, one of my most life changing possibilities. It is hard to explain how art making is becoming a basic need. This course ‘Hello Soul, Hello Mantra’s’ taught more than just mixed media art techniques.

‘Time to Dream, close your eyes, listen for your whispers. They are waiting for you’.

Melanie M

Being Brave with my Life

cropped-img_4393.jpgIt seems every 7 years or so I go through a time of turmoil when my soul whispers to me louder than ever, or is it that I am listening harder. It is a confusing time, a time of struggle and a time of self doubt. I have a wonderful job which I love and feel very privileged to be in (an answer to past whispers). I love sewing crafts (no mending), stitching, quilting, making, creating and recently mixed media artworks. I could work in that space for hours and hours and come out the other side feeling satisfied, grateful and my soul fed. For me,  this is important because I know what it feels like to have a fed soul. You are satisfied with your world, you are grateful, you jump out of bed in the morning feeling excited about what they day will bring, you no longer watch mindless television to dull the ache and you love where you are, who you are and feel a great sense of self worth and importance.

Right now my soul is whispering to me ‘time to tell your messy, complicated, beautiful story’. So here I am trusting that whisper, that is so loud, if I don’t listen, it stops me from resting, writing, creating, eating healthy and being joyful.

It is time for me to show up with courage and trust and ‘be brave with my life’.

I have so much stuff to share – my journey into mixed media art – my progress in my wear your joy project – my journey as a writer. I can’t wait.

What are your whispers saying to you? To listen just stop, be quiet, feel your place and space and find that niggle, that tug, that need – what is it saying. Listen to your whispers they are telling you what it is important for you to be you, your authentic truth. I would love to hear about them and you.

Melanie M