Top Tips

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Top Tip 1 for making more art: When looking for inspiration ONLY look in the place that has your inspirational people or ideas. For me this is Instagram, I only follow artists, BUJO addicts and planner addicts. That is my go to place for my inspiration.


Top Tip #2img_6644 Baby wipes: Yes baby wipes, they are amazing, handy, useful and easy. I use them to wipe my hands as much as I prefer to use my hands to work on my art it is messy, really, really messy. So having baby wipes on hand help clean up messes that are getting in the way of creating. They are also useful for cleaning up stamps, stencils, paint brushes, any tools you might use in your work.

Top Tip #3 for choosing colour: Use the colour wheel,  if you are not sure. Usually I choose my colours based on what papers I have used in the background and that works really well for me. However, when I don’t use a paper collaged background deciding on colours is normally really easy but when I am trying to push myself out of ‘my go to’s’ the colour wheel helps.

This YouTube from Mary, I discovered during one of my lessons on Let’s Face It 2016  it is very useful in explaining how to use the colour wheel.

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Top Tip #4 Word of the Year: Allow yourself to discover a word to live your year by. A word that is close to what you need the most. Plan, reflect and set goals by it throughout the year.





Top Tip #5 Composition Decisions

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Use your camera, when making your art, to see it through a different lens. It helps you make those final composition decisions, that are the hardest. Give it a go, it is well worth it and will totally make your decision making easier.